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Foundation Repair in Port Aransas

About Foundation Repair

Tomorrow's technology for today's full service foundation repair.

Foundation repair has changed significantly during the past two decades. Before then, all foundation companies used virtually the same method. The only real differences were the cost of the piers and the degrees of the professionalism exhibited by the salespeople and the crews.

It was a time-consuming operation where the average job took two to three weeks to complete. During that time, treasured plants died, homeowners' nerves became frayed, and results varied widely.

Streem Company absolutely will not sub-contract any of our work.

Streem company installs pressed hydro-driven pilings and polyurethane foam to raise and level all types of concrete structures. Our polyurethane injections are throughout the complete foundation not just the center of the foundation. Polyurethane foam is only used to raise and level the interior of structures, and pilings are used for the exterior. Where foam cannot be used in the interior Streem will install hydro driven pilings in the center of your structure through tunnels or interior concrete breakouts. Streem Company will not install polyurethane foam on structures where Plumbing is in the center, because the drain lines will break when lifting the foundation where as our competition will ignore this plumbing and lift up your structure with foam. These companies will have a warranty clause stating if you have a plumbing leak upon a warranty claim, the warranty is void. Streem Company will install foam throughout the complete foundation to avoid drying of the soil in the center of the structure to avoid a warranty issue.

Our definition of "Complete Foundation Repair" is the fact that we have injected foam throughout the entire structure not just the center.

Streem Company will provide the best solution for your structure. All of our contracts and warranties do not contain any fine print.

For you added protection, Streem Co offers a Lifetime Transferable Warranty for hydro driven pilings that's good for the entire life of your structure at no extra cost. Our foam warranty is 10 years.